Remember the days when...


Your doctor came to visit you in your own home with the little black bag?


You could actually spend time and talk to your doctor without being rushed?


Your doctor really cared about you?

Well, the golden days are back!

Our team


  • Dr. Michael Newcomb
  • Dr. Misael Alonso
  • Dr. Silvia Guerrero
  • Dr. Shireen Jindani
  • Dr. Nha Lien
  • Dr. Oladapo Odumosu
  • Dr. Martin Rubin

Nurse practitioners

  • Andrew Thompson, NP
  • Patricia Ayemoba, NP
  • Dawn Morrison, NP
  • Rose Schmidt, NP
  • Patricia Tillack, NP
  • Rose Taylor, NP


  • Maritza Linn, Executive Director
  • Lily Copeland, Patient Relations Representative
  • Alex Pacheco, New Patient Coordinator

  • Steven DiFiori,  Medical Staff Coordinator
Alba Diaz, Patient Billing
Elias Newcomb, Insurance Accounts Receivable
  • Meghan Webber, Insurance Accounts Receivable

senior couple